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Stingray Karaoke
Karaoke with all the fun and none of the fuss. Sing along to the highest quality videos and lyrics.
There’s no party like a karaoke party!
Do you ever hear the sweet siren song of karaoke but can’t imagine going to a bar and dealing with lineups, jeering crowds, and snobby DJs who won’t take your requests?

Are you let down when a search for your favorite karaoke song brings up a low-resolution video with incorrect lyrics?

Don’t deny yourself the pure, unadulterated joy of singing any longer! We bring karaoke to you with all the fun and none of the fuss.

No more crowds, no more endless searches, and, most importantly, no more boring parties, awkward silences, or nosy questions from your relatives (once Aunt Bertha gets hold of the mic, she’ll stop asking when you’ll get married already!)

With a catalog of 1000s of legally licensed karaoke songs, new releases every Friday, and party mixes expertly curated for every occasion, you’ll be finding excuses to invite guests over.

Since we love belting out a good tune as much as you do, we guarantee the highest quality videos and scrolling lyrics at the touch of a button. You want the help of lead vocal (the karaoke equivalent of a life jacket)? You got it! Feeling confident enough to go at it solo? Turn off the lead vocals, and you’re good to go!

Our service is available on a vast variety of platforms including mobile and TV apps, smart TVs, Amazon Prime Video, and many, many TV service providers around the world.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to throw a karaoke party!

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